What is Easyfycloud?

The Next Gen

Built on Open-Source WordPress Platform. Highly customized & fully compatible with WordPress!

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The Full Stack

It's the perfect combo of Hardware & Software!

We have built a robust Cloud Engine that hosts & maintains your websites on the cloud

We have highly customized the WordPress Backend experience to make it as easy as possible for you to use!

You design pages and posts using a drag & drop visual editor. We have built-in 3 levels of caching mechanisms to make your pages fly!

We took the core WordPress source and we have changed it's architecture to be more modular and highly scalable with enhanced security!


enhanced WordPress architecture

From Monolith to Modular!

Conventional monolithic architectures focus on layering code horizontally across functional boundaries and dependencies, which inhibits their ability to separate into functional components. As the Monolith grows bigger, so does the complexity, security loopholes and performance degradation factor. 

A modular monolith however, is configured to combine the simplicity of single process communication with the freedom of componentization. WordPress has fair amount of componentization built-in, but when it comes to how plugins and themes interact with the WordPress Core, it can surely get better than what’s out there – especially when a customized Cloud Compute Engine is involved – like ours. 

Our Architecture establishes a bounded context by segmenting code into individual feature modules (just like plugins, but at WordPress Core level). Each module exposes a interface definition to other modules. The altered definition can trigger its dependencies to change in turn.

Much of this rests on stable interface definitions. However, by limiting dependencies and isolating data store, the architecture establishes boundaries within the monolith that resemble the high cohesion and low coupling found in a microservices architecture. This has helped our  team to parse functionality, but can do so without worrying about the management baggage tied to multiple runtimes and asynchronous communication within the WordPress core.

All this, while being fully compatible to WordPress releases – so that, if you decide to take your website elsewhere, we can provide you all the means to do so (with site data exports).

What we have done is basically customize the WordPress architecture to better suit our Private Cloud Engine. This is not something that is noble and that can be applied to other platforms. We have very high respect and gratitude towards the open-source community for all their contributions to the amazing WordPress platform. 

Plans start at just $5 per month

Choose what is best for you..


Website & Blogs

Create Beautiful Websites that impress your customers. We have plans that fit all needs!


Online Store & Memberships

Create Online Stores & Memberships that appeal your customers to open their wallets for you! 

This whole website itself was built in just 4 days on The EasyfyCloud Platform!

Look Around..

There is literally nothing like this on the Planet!

There are a lot of Managed WordPress Hosting Companies Focusing on Providing only the Web-Hosting Part of it. 

But, you’d still have to Install WordPress, all the Plugins, Themes etc., and stitch them all together by yourself. Not to mention the countless bugs, speed & security issues etc.,

We’re the first & the only in the world to Provide A Complete Setup : A Full-Stack, Fully-Managed WordPress Solution – with plugins & themes included & already setup!

Registered offices in: London, UK | Austin, USA | Bengaluru, India

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