3X Compute Upgrade for Blossom Plan

$108 x 12 Months = $1296 / Year

$65 x 12 Months = $780/ Year

(All Prices in US Dollars)


Frequently Asked Questions..

We are committed to providing the best service to our customers. And, would like to work with serious businesses that commit to us. Our Cloud Server (Hardware) Providers have a minimum hardware-lease policy of 12 months – which helps us to provide you this service at such affordable cost. 

You can upgrade to any other plan anytime you’d like. We will send you a separate invoice in pro-rata basis. So you only pay the required difference amount and not the full amount again. 

Please purchase a plan only after you have seen the demo videos and understood what you’re buying. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Sorry. We have a Strict NO REFUND policy due to the nature of leasing servers from cloud providers in your name. When you buy this product/service, you agree to our NO REFUND policy electronically. You may not do chargebacks on your credit cards either. We will contest with your Bank and in 99% of the cases, we win the dispute. 

We have setup our billing and Administration offices in India – so that you don’t have to pay any taxes (not even GST/VAT). But, if you’re a customer from India, you’d have to pay 18% GST.

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There are a lot of Managed WordPress Hosting Companies Focusing on Providing only the Web-Hosting Part of it. 

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