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We follow strict corporate policies for work schedule. We work Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Yes, even our support staff. 

Happy Employees = Happy Customers. 

We’d like to work with businesses that value their employees like we do. 

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Registered offices of CS group: London, UK | Austin, USA | Bengaluru, India

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This whole website itself was built in just 4 days on The EasyfyCloud Platform!

Look Around..

There is literally nothing like this on the Planet!

There are a lot of Managed WordPress Hosting Companies Focusing on Providing only the Web-Hosting Part of it. 

But, you’d still have to Install WordPress, all the Plugins, Themes etc., and stitch them all together by yourself. Not to mention the countless bugs, speed & security issues etc.,

We’re the first & the only in the world to Provide A Complete Setup : A Full-Stack, Fully-Managed WordPress Solution – with plugins & themes included & already setup!

Registered offices in: London, UK | Austin, USA | Bengaluru, India

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