Leadership @ CS Group

Young team, guided by Industry Stalwarts

Raghavendra Bsrpg
Founder, CEO & CTO

Ganesha Bsrg
Co-Founder, Managing Director, Co-CTO

Bhagavan Bsrg
Director of Support & Services

Priyanka K
Director of Finance, Board Member

Riddhi R. P
CFO, Board Member

Swatlana K
Sales Director, WW

Maria S
Director, Europe Region

Moushumi J P
Associate Director, APAC

Jason M H
Director, NA Region

Veeresh S

Jayaram N

Amith S B
Strategic Support

Everyday Innovators

Engineering & More

Our Family @ EasyfyCloud

Erik A
Sr. Technology Manager

Annika F
Sr. Manager

Raoul G L
Sr. Cloud Engineer

Gerard Z
Sr. Backend Engineer

Allan C
Sr. Frontend & Design Engineer

Mattias E
Sr. Systems Engineer

Derek B
Sr. Systems Engineer

Hjalmar K
Full Stack Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Miko O
Full Stack Engineer

Chandra S
Sytems Engineer

Salena E
Human Resources

Kamal N
Marketing & Press



Jamilla T
Global Accounting & Compliance

Let the Numbers speak

Quick Stats

Number of Employees

We're a highly energetic and an exciting team to work with. And, we've grown fabulously over the years!

Average new customers per day

Thanks to those who have completed the beta testing of EasyfyCloud platform. We are picking up the pace here!

Terabytes of data transfer per day

It's spectacular to see this much data & visitors being served everyday from our cloud servers

Our Story

We've been doing this a long time

It has been quite a fascinating journey providing services from Enterprise customers to the General public!


CS Group Started

Started Software Services & Web Services for few small projects for Enterprise companies

100 Websites

In 3 years, the company delivered over 80+ Websites (half of them WordPress)

30+ team

50+ Enterprise projects completed along with 500+ Medium and small size projects

Globally Registered offices

Registered offices in UK & USA. Growing team and exciting WordPress projects. Easyfy Platform gets in shape for limited beta use

EasyfyCloud to Public

After working 2+ years with Enterprise & Medium size companies, EasyfyCloud Platform is being released to the General Public

EasyfyHost to Public

After 100's of requests from our customer base to provide just the hosting part, we have decided to launch www.EasyfyHost.com as well to public 🙂

You drive our direction

Being a bootstrapped company is fun. We have no worries about investor pressure. This means, you get to drive our business directions. Cheers to a bright future!
Plans start at just $5 per month

Choose what is best for you..


Website & Blogs

Create Beautiful Websites that impress your customers. We have plans that fit all needs!


Online Store & Memberships

Create Online Stores & Memberships that appeal your customers to open their wallets for you! 

Standard features in all Plans!

This whole website itself was built in just 4 days on The EasyfyCloud Platform!

Look Around..

There is literally nothing like this on the Planet!

There are a lot of Managed WordPress Hosting Companies Focusing on Providing only the Web-Hosting Part of it. 

But, you’d still have to Install WordPress, all the Plugins, Themes etc., and stitch them all together by yourself. Not to mention the countless bugs, speed & security issues etc.,

We’re the first & the only in the world to Provide A Complete Setup : A Full-Stack, Fully-Managed WordPress Solution – with plugins & themes included & already setup!

Registered offices in: London, UK | Austin, USA | Bengaluru, India

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